aaron and hannah decide to play a cruel tasteless joke on me by taking this picture of hannah holding candles when i'm not there. isn't she menacing in this photo? yeah right!





         pictures !

oh how nice! rachel rotkovtich, aka nana "rufka" rotkovitch, surrounded by her two girls, irit and alona. 


abby cuts a piece of pie... yum ! jesse is smiling behind abby - the jets must be doing well. 


thanksgiving 2002 at the Librot house in vermont... eating dad and mom's turkey, nana's tsimis, uncle paul's famous green beans and oh, the pies... and more pies... and the next day, more pies... even abby's own original pie! david digs into a slice of pumpkin pie. bring on the
seconds! and thirds... and fourths...  


squished together on the couch! dad, abby, aaron, and hannah's head in the middle. ahhh!!!


watch a video clip from thanksgiving - eating pie!!
click on the picture below to open your computer's video player and play the short video clip


adam and abby pick out bedsheets for adam's apartment at jc penny the day after thanksgiving. ahhh... jc penny - adam's old stomping grounds.


mom listens to her music. oooooo i looooove hip-hop dance! heehee!